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Vibes Rolling Papers King Size Slim Ultra Thin (Black)

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    These new king size slim rolling papers from Vibes are made from ultra-thin paper for maximum flavour and a smooth, even burn.

    This new range of Vibes rolling papers, cones and paraphernalia is the brainchild of influential US rapper Berner. The Taylor Gang artist first brought us the ever-popular Cookies lines of clothing and smoking accessories which took the community by storm. From grinders, rolling trays and killer T-shirts, Berner has further expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio with this collection of premium rolling papers and cones with that iconic Cookie Family styling.

    The ultra-thin paper vastly reduces paper smoke, allowing you to really savour the flavours of your herbs and tobacco. The papers have a unique watermark featuring the cool Vibes logo that prevents runs and ensures that your smoke burns smoothly from start to finish.

    Vibes king size ultra-thin rolling papers are available now from PureSativa in individual books of 33 papers or as a display box of 50 books.

    Vibes Rolling Papers King Size Slim Ultra Thin (Black) - Herbaleyes