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Vibes Cones Coffin Pack 1 ¼ Size Ultra Thin - Black

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    These new 1 ¼ size pre-rolled cones from Vibes are made from ultra-thin paper for a maximum flavour and a smooth, even burn.


    This new range of Vibes rolling papers, cones and paraphernalia is the brainchild of influential US rapper Berner. The Taylor Gang artist first brought us the ever-popular Cookies lines of clothing and smoking accessories which took the community by storm. From grinders, rolling trays and killer T-shirts, Berner has further expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio with this collection of premium rolling papers and cones with that iconic Cookie Family styling.


    The ultra-thin paper vastly reduces paper smoke, maximising the flavours of your herbal blends. The papers have a unique watermark featuring the cool Vibes logo that prevents runs and ensures that your smoke burns smoothly from start to finish.
    Simply fill your cone with your desired smoking mixture and light up, no fiddly rolling and no wasted product.


    Vibes 1 ¼ size Ultra-Thin cones are packaged in a super cool coffin shaped box to keep them fresh and in top condition. Vibes cones are available now from PureSativa in individual coffin packs of 6 pre-rolled cones or as a display box of 30 coffins.

    Vibes Cones Coffin Pack 1 ¼ Size Ultra Thin - Black - Herbaleyes