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    These are the replacement heaters for the V5 Micro Diffuser. They are made of high quality ceramic with an internal heating element which runs through the base and inside the walls, providing a fully heated diffusing surface. 


    The internal Ceramic surface is polished and glazed to provide a super slick surface which is very easy to wipe clean using a q-tip. 


    Burn off cycles can be performed with these heaters to clean them fully if desired. However it should be noted that this is not manufacturer recommended and does cause heat stress to the heaters and will cause them to fail sooner than if this is not done. With this in mind the price of the V5 Heaters has been lowered slightly so people aren't shy about keeping them clean. 


    Under normal use with temp control these coils are expected to last between 1-3 months of daily use.  




    TCR 200 - 36W - Temperature as desired - Vaping range 160-260C.Burn off cycles should be performed at 37W on auto-fire until clean. 




    Full Ceramic V5 Heater



    V5 & CORE 2.0 REPLACEMENT HEATER - Herbaleyes