Herbaleyes 92% CBD +5G Distillate

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Herbaleyes 92% CBD +5G Distillate

 Our CBD Crystalline is one of the purest known distillates available with high levels of CBG and produced in the US. It's in a solid crystallised  form due to It's high cannabinoid content which makes it perfect for dabbing and adding to bowls of flower as well as making your own tinctures and edibles. The possibilities are endless. GMP grade!

Mix with Herbaleyes terpenes to add to the entourage effect and flavour. Only 2-3 drops of terpenes are needed per gram of extract. 


  • CBD - 92.14%
  • CBDv - 0.45%
  • THC - 0.05%
  • CBC - 1.12%
  • CBG - 5.01%


  • Sprinkle into a joint, vapouriser or bong for extra strength
  • Vape using a dab rig or pen
  • Add to CBD oil for extra strength
  • Add to MCT, olive oil or hemp seed oil
  • Sublingualy (under tongue)
  • Cooking (melt into fats such as butter)
  • Add to e-liquids