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Glob Mops

Glob Mops Travel Pack

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    Glob Mops Double Ended Cotton Swabs fulfill all of your Quartz Banger cleaning needs, keeping your banger looking brand new even while you are on the go. They are rounded on one end and pointed on the other, making it easier to get to the harder to reach crevices of your banger. These Qtips are made out of 100% Pure Cotton and Bamboo, the bamboo stick makes Glob Mops Cotton Mops the most reliable cleaning tips around. Say goodbye to the flimsy, meltable, plastic q tips you typically find at the drug store. The Glob Mops Travel Pack comes in a convenient portable case, making these your go to when traveling. Because of its small size they can easily be thrown into your pocket, backpack, and even your rig case!

    Glob Mops Travel Pack - Herbaleyes