Full Spectrum Budder | 1.5g | DIESEL CANNA TERPS

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Diesel is the offspring result of combining OG Kush & Purple Urkle cannabis strains with hemp. The result: a full bodied and gassy cultivar well deserving of the Diesel title! Introducing this master piece in the form of full spectrum budder, the consistency is perfect for dabbing being very pliable whilst sticking easily to a dab tool. If you're a flavour chaser looking for a 100% cannabis extract with the gassiest cannabis derived terpenes available with potent effects, then Herbaleyes Full Spectrum CBD Budder is what you've been looking for.

  • Full Spectrum
  • 1.5 Grams (launch offer only)
  • 7.5% Cannabis Derived Terpenes (usually 5%. We added extra Gas for a better experience!)
  • Hemp Derived Terpenes
  • OG Kush Cannabis Lineage
  • Soft Wax Consistency