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Dab Tool Set by Apex Ancillary - Herbaleyes
Dab Tool Set by Apex Ancillary - Herbaleyes

Apex Ancillary

Dab Tool Set by Apex Ancillary

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    Dab Tool Set by Apex Ancillary is a kit of 6 metal dab tools specially made for dabbers. All the tools are made from ultra-durable & lightweight stainless steel; the Apex Ancillary dab toolset provides the highest standard in the dabbing market. 

    The set includes traditional dab tools all feature differently shaped scooper ends, depending on your preferred dab size; there are two grabbing tools designed to pick up inserts, pearls, pillars, or other small dabbing accessories. All six tools are highly heat-resistant, providing the best materials, quality, and price. 

    Apex Ancillary Pro Dab Tool Set also includes a custom non-stick silicone mat, which is crucial for holding your tools on, and not leaving any stains or marks on your desk. In addition, the silicone mat is super easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol wipes and then soap and warm water to eliminate any remnants. 

    All the Apex Ancillary tools come in a custom branded metal protective hard case that features numerous interior compartments to keep your tools secure when on the move, featuring a double zipper & resistant hard case. 

    The Dab Tool Set by Apex Ancillary is a high-end addition and your new favourite friend for working with various materials and consistencies during your sessions. Apex Ancillary delivers this set with the conviction that each component makes it the most practical collection of dab tools available. In addition, Apex Ancillary goods give you the most comprehensive attributes you require in a toolset because they're made with premium, long-lasting materials.

    All Apex Ancillary products seamlessly integrate with the Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set.

    Note: Carving tools include pointed parts; please keep them away from children.



    Shovel Dab Tool

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    Dab Tool Set by Apex Ancillary - Herbaleyes Dab Tool Set by Apex Ancillary - Herbaleyes