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SZ Crossing

CROSSING - Ace Cup Automatic Cloud Extractor (510 Vape Carts & Concentrates)

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    Introducing the ACE CUP - Your Ultimate Automatic Concentrate Extractor


    Experience the future of vaping with the ACE Cup - an innovative vaporizer solution designed for both Cartridges and Dabs. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual filling and hello to effortless enjoyment.


    Key Features:


    1. **Effortless Cartridge Filling:** Installing your cartridge is a breeze. Just attach the cart, apply slight pressure, and watch as the ACE Cup's pump activates, automatically filling your cartridge. Lift it away, and the cup's bottom valve seals shut, ensuring every precious vapor stays where it should - inside your cartridge.


    2. **Versatile Dab Experience:** The ACE Cup comes complete with a Dab Atomizer that's compatible with a wide range of concentrates. It's as easy as removing the cup and atomizer cap, loading a small dab onto the porous quartz pad, reassembling, and dispensing your vapor directly into the cup.


    3. **Ample Capacity:** Unlike standard carts and batteries, the ACE Cup boasts a spacious cup for larger inhales, all while keeping your vapor comfortably cool during dispensing. It's not just a novelty; it's a practical solution for a superior vaping experience.


    4. **High-Quality Dab Atomizer:** The included Dab Atomizer is a top-tier component, delivering excellent flavor thanks to its porous quartz pad. When the flavor evolves, you can easily replace it, ensuring your vaping experience remains top-notch.


    5. **Versatility Unleashed:** The Dab Atomizer can also be used independently with a bottom airflow 510 battery, offering flexibility to suit your preferences.


    Upgrade your vaping game with the ACE Cup - where innovation meets convenience. Say hello to easier filling, larger inhales, and superior flavor. Don't miss out on the future of vaping. Order your ACE Cup today!

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