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SZ Crossing

Core 2.1 - Concentrates E-Rig - SZ Crossing

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    The Core 2.1 by Crossing is the updated version of the Core 2.0 and features a non-rebuildable 3D atomizer rather than the rebuildable Atomizer on the Core 2.0 version. The new non-rebuildable atomizer offers a better quality, hassle-free option. The device is operated via the single button control and comes with a fully heated ceramic vaping surface, four finely tuned heat settings (205°C-260°C / 401°F-500°F), and an aluminum and glass vapor pathway for clean tasting vapor.

    The Core 2.1 is powered by a 3150 mAh Li-Ion battery that takes under 2 hours to fully charge and provides 50 Sessions (60 - 90 Min). The unit measures 17.5cm / 6.8 inches in height and heats up in under 22 Seconds. The unit uses a conduction heating system for impressive vaporization of your precious waxy concentrates. 

    The portable device is easy to use and charge via the included USB cable and it is ideal for active vapers who like to enjoy hits while out and about. The Core 2.1 comes with all the accessories listed below and is safely packed in a durable travel case for easy transport.


    What's in the box

    • The Core 2.1 E-Rig
    • Non-rebuildable 3D Ceramic Atomizer
    • Cotton Swabs
    • Alchohol Wipes
    • Replacement O-Rings
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Carry Case

    Box dimensions