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Can CBD Treat Acne?

How CBD Treatments Can Help Acne


Acne is by far the most common skin condition affecting humans around the world. Young and old, individuals of all walks of life can suffer from acne to some degree or other. While it may be extremely common, that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.


As someone who has suffered from extreme acne, I can tell you that it is no walk in the park. The constant feeling of being stared at. Being seen as ‘dirty’ or unclean, despite washing my face religiously - it can all be unbelievably mentally taxing. Acne can cause intense social anxiety in those who suffer from extreme cases. While it may not be physically dangerous to your health, it can be very emotionally harmful and cumbersome to deal with.


The market is filled with all kinds of acne treatments that make insane promises to ‘clear your acne in 30-days’, and so on. Many of these treatments require extremely harsh chemicals, and rigorous cleansing regimens that can be exhausting and not to mention very expensive. So when I began searching for a more natural, and cost effective acne treatment - I was surprised to find that CBD is actually an incredibly effective method for treating acne.


In fact, not only did my research seem to indicate that acne could be treated with CBD, but also acne scarring and even cystic acne could be treated as well. This was extremely intriguing to me, so I decided to do a bit more research to get to the bottom of it.


So, can CBD help cream help with acne? Let’s take a closer look at CBD and how it interacts with general acne, acne scars, and even cystic acne.

 What is CBD?


-     How Does CBD Work On Skin.


Acne is created when sebum, the oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands to keep your skin and hair moisturized, mixes with pollutants and clogs the pores in the skin. While sebum is designed to help protect the skin, when dirt or dead skin cells are introduced, it can create serious problems. For many people, this simply results in a pimple here or there. For others, it can result in uncontrollable acne that leaves scarring and massive cysts on the face.


Now these interactions that cause acne do not have to be caused by poor hygiene. In fact, stress, hormonal imbalances, unbalanced diet, and more can all cause excess sebum to produce which can cause acne. So, can CBD cream treat this?


Well, in 2014 a study published by the J ournal of Clinical Investigation showed that CBD applied topically can actually reduce the amount of sebum that the sebaceous glands produce.The study also showed that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

that can help reduce acne triggering mechanisms in the skin as well. So in essence, CBD does help prevent and reduce the main causes of acne. But what about the aftermath of acne?


-    Can CBD Cream Help Acne Scars?


A similar scientific study concluded that CBD, when applied topically twice every day, can drastically reduce acne scarring. This occurs by interacting with the antiproliferative compounds within CBD to help repair damaged cells in the skin. So in the question of ‘can cbd cream help acne scars’? The answer seems to be that yes, it can help reduce scarring at the very least.


By using CBD infused creams, twice a day, over the course of several months patients were able to report noticeable reduction in facial scarring as a result of cystic acne, and general acne.


-    Can CBD Oil Help Cystic Acne?


Cystic acne is mainly caused by all of the same factors that acne in general stems from.

That is, excess production of sebum and inflammation and clogging of the pores. In this way, CBD is beneficial to the same extent. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help to cut down on skin inflammation, reduce stress within the skin, and reduce sebum production that in turn reduces the probability of acne cysts forming.


In most cases, cystic acne can be treated rather easily with a simple skin care routine. By adding CBD creams, and CBD oil treatments into your routine, you can replace a lot of the expensive and unnatural acne treatment products you use every day. CBD oil can help cystic acne, just like it can help inflammation or problems in the skin in general.


-    How To Use CBD Treatments For Acne.


Applying CBD oil directly to the affected area is likely to be ineffective. However, when mixed with a carrier oil, it can be very powerful. A carrier oil is one that is organic and easily absorbed by the skin. These will help the CBD soak into the skin, and begin working to reduce acne causing issues. You can start by mixing a few drops of CBD oil with:


  • Coconut
  • Shea
  • Argan
  • Olive


These carrier oils will help the process work more effectively, and help the CBD oils absorb into the skin more efficiently. However, they might leave your skin feeling oily. For this reason, you may want to stick to this CBD oil treatment only once or twice a week. For daily

treatment, use CBD infused creams which will work throughout the day, but will not leave your skin appearing or feeling overly moisturized.


Make sure that the CBD cream you purchase is pH balanced for your skin, and does not contain any harsh or unnatural additives. Try to keep it as natural and organic as possible.

Hemp oil and CBD oil infused creams should be applied regularly, in additional to your CBD oil treatments.


Remember that CBD taken sublingually, as well as orally through edibles, has also been shown to help reduce skin inflammation.


-        Other Ways That CBD Oil Helps Reduce And Treat Acne.


As mentioned before, acne doesn’t have to be caused by excess sebelum and improper skin care alone. In many cases, acne can easily be caused by stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and other external factors.


CBD has been known to help treat anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and other emotional stressors that can lead to hormonal imbalances that result in acne flare-ups. In this way, CBD oil and CBD creams can also be beneficial. They not only interact with the skin itself, and the bacteria that can cause acne - they also address the internal and emotional factors as well.


-     Final Thoughts.


It’s no secret that acne can be a runaway issue among people of all ages. It can feel like a problem that has no end in sight, and will continue for years to come. It is easy to fall into the mental trap that acne can't be stopped, and is something that you simply have to deal with or otherwise shell out thousands in dermatologist treatments.


However, that isn’t the case. With a consistent skin care regimen, acne and acne scarring can be treated. By simply introducing CBD creams into your daily skin care regimen, and CBD oils into your facial cleanses, you too can see dramatic results in your own skin.


The science is there. CBD can and does actively help reduce the root causes of acne, and helps to heal acne scarring after the fact. So what have you got to lose? Introduce CBD oil and CBD creams into your daily skin care routine, and see the results for yourself!