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Is CBD Tea & CBD Coffee Worth Trying?

The Benefits of CBD Coffee & Tea.


Whether you wish to add a little extra boost to your morning cup o’ joe, or increase the relaxation of your nighttime tea, CBD can help you out a lot. In fact, the act of steeping cannabis in hot drinks is a rather ancient practice. As early as 2,700 BCE, Emperor Shen Neng of China was famous for prescribing patients of various illnesses a cannabis infused tea.


It’s not uncommon to travel the world and find that herbs, oils, and other natural remedies are infused into hot drinks for medicinal purposes. So it stands to reason that CBD infused in coffee or tea should carry with it some natural benefits. But, what are those benefits exactly? Does CBD coffee or CBD tea actually do anything, and if so, what?


Let’s talk about CBD infused coffees and teas, and what they are good for.


  • CBD Infused Teas.


You may wonder what, if any, benefits come along with infusing tea with CBD. Well, in all honesty, you get all of the same benefits of CBD in general. You see, by infusing the tea leaves with CBD oils, you are allowing the oil to become extracted during the heating process of boiling water. This allows the natural oils of the tea leaves to intermingle with the cannabis CBD oil infusion, and really bring it all to the forefront.


If you are wondering if CBD oil can even properly maintain its integrity within the tea, ask yourself how the tea steeping process works to begin with. The process of steeping tea is simply allowing the hot water to extract the natural oils, and compounds within the CBD tea and infusing the water with them. Adding CBD into the mix does not change that in any way. You are essentially allowing your water to infuse with the CBD oil in the same way it would with tea. So in essence, CBD infused tea products work in the same way that any natural tea product would.


So, since we know that tea CAN be infused with CBD oils, what exactly are the benefits? Let’s take a look.


  • The Benefits of CBD Infused Tea.


There is a long list of benefits that CBD has, that have been demonstrated throughout time and across a multitude of medical research studies. While it is true that CBD cannot ​cure anything, it can actually help relieve the symptoms of several illnesses. You see, CBD works by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors inside our endocannabinoid systems, and through these interactions, certain ailments can be treated. For example:


  • It can reduce anxiety.


  • It can reduce stress.


  • It can act as a sleep aid.


  • It can relieve inflammation in the joints and skin.


  • It can help alleviate chronic pain.


  • It can reduce nausea.


  • It can help stimulate appetite.


These are all things that CBD - and cannabis in general - have been known to help treat. So, by using tea infused with CBD oil, you can help bring these wide ranging health benefits into your life. CBD infused tea can be perfect for unwinding after a long and stressful day. It can be perfect for helping relieve anxiety before a test or meeting. It can help treat symptoms related to pain and inflammation due to various chronic illnesses. CBD has even been used to help relieve post-chemotherapy related symptoms.


In essence, CBD tea can be a wonderful way to treat a variety of symptoms related to illnesses, or even simply to help you relax. It’s easy to consume, and effortless to make.


So, what about CBD infused coffee?


  • CBD Infused Coffees.


Now, when most people think of tea, they think of relaxation. A time of unwinding, settling down, and enjoying a nice pleasant hot beverage. Whether it be afternoon tea time, or even a warm cup before bed. When most people imagine coffee, however, they imagine the exact opposite.


Coffee is one of the most popular, and widely enjoyed drinks in the world. Almost every single culture on Earth has a relationship with coffee. Mostly, because of how it can wake you up and help you feel more alert. I mean, how often do you find yourself feeling like a zombie before your first morning cup o’ joe?


Infusing CBD into coffee beans is an interesting addition to the whole coffee effect. You see, you still get all of the above mentioned benefits of CBD that we discussed with tea, but in the case of coffee, there are some other side effects. Let’s talk about that.


  • The Benefits of CBD Infused Coffee.


It is rather well known that tea contains quite a bit of caffeine itself. However, once brewed, most teas dilute and lose a significant portion of their caffeine content. Coffee isn’t like that. Coffee maintains its high caffeine content even after brewed. So, because of this, CBD has a unique opportunity to interact with the caffeine in coffee more so than it does in tea. Some of the side effects of too much caffeine are:


  • Jitters.


  • Increased anxiety.


  • Increased bowel movements.


  • Indigestion.


  • Sleeplessness.


These are all symptoms that CBD is known to treat, and relieve. This means that when infused with CBD, the symptoms of too much caffeine from coffee are actually subdued and alleviated.


In essence, CBD coffee can give you all of the benefits of a great boost to your energy and alertness, without many of the drawbacks. If you suffer from anxiety related to work, school, or other daily engagements, CBD coffee can be a great remedy to that as well!


  • Commonly Asked Questions.


Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions regarding CBD tea and CBD coffee for you to reference.


1. Can CBD coffee or CBD tea get you high?

Answer: No, CBD is non-psychotropic. This means that, unlike its cousin THC, it cannot induce any mind-altering effects. It will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and less anxious. But you will not feel high in any way.

 2. Will I taste a strong cannabis flavor?

Answer: CBD does have a slightly distinct flavor. However, it isn’t very dominating. The natural flavor of your coffee or tea should overpower it. Especially if you are prone to adding milk, or sweeteners to your hot drink.

3. Is CBD safe?

Answer: CBD is 100% safe. There has never been a case of any adverse health effects when it comes to normal everyday usage. You would have to be using an incredible amount of CBD daily (more than you could even consume) to have any sort of negative reaction. CBD is, in essence, far safer than caffeine or sugar are.


  • Final Thoughts.


Whether you want to unwind and relax after a long day at work, or help give you the boost in mood and confidence you need throughout your day, CBD is a great addition to your daily routine. Daily users of CBD report feeling more focused, less anxious, more relaxed, and even reduction in aches and pains that they have suffered from for years. CBD is not a miracle cure, but it can and does help improve lives daily.

Ultimately, what can it hurt? Try a bit of CBD infused coffee or tea, and see how it benefits you!